Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Track One

“I got a Dapper Swagger, A Fresher Fly”

Yo its Eklipse, PhreakyPhipps, TRP, The Lone Star Star…I’m refered by a lot, but I am highly referenced. Born in the late 80s, raised in the 90s, and matured and in the early 2K and now I’m becoming more seasoned; call me Tony’s. Straight Out of Dallas, TX, Dolla$, TX, Big D, Triple D, The Dirty Dirty D, The D, Dino aka Boogie City. Check me on youtube showing my skills youtube.com/retali8ion, but my channel is http://www.youtube.com/phreakyphipps.

“I’m always Right, an Acute case of being Obtuse”

This is my culture blog. My Hip Hop blog. My life blog. Me. I will be writing about what moves me not just what makes motions. I love Hip Hop, but I LOVE MUSIC and am truly a mosaic of a man.

“I’m Back but I Gotta Leave”

Stay Tuned, Tune In, and never Tune Out. The Revolution will not be broadcasted but you will be able to download the podcast. I’m Internet Swag Surfin.

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